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Community Acupuncture

                       About Community Acupuncture


"Traditionally, when one hears the term "community acupuncture" it evokes a sense of togetherness, this is because treatments are typically done in large communal rooms, which helps keep treatment costs low.  Confluence Healing however, takes a somewhat different approach to the concept.

Honoring that sense of "community," our goal at Confluence Healing is to make acupuncture highly accessible, affordable, and appealing to everyone, but without utilizing the communal room.  Treatments take place in an inviting and soothing atmosphere, where you will relax in your own private space.

One of the appealing features of community acupuncture that Confluence Healing has adopted is that treatments are based on a sliding payment scale*.  Personal or financial records are not required, as the sliding scale is based on the honor system. We trust you will value our services, time, and dedication to your health. Please see the "Fees & Patient Forms" page for current pricing of our services.

"Community" treatments are scheduled every half hour, so during your session another patient may be receiving a treatment in the adjacent room. With this in mind, we appreciate that during your treatment voices and conversation are kept at a low volume to maximize privacy, and for the consideration of other patients relaxing nearby.


* The sliding payment scale excludes the initial appointment which is comprehensive in nature and includes a complete traditional Chinese medicine health assessment and acupuncture treatment.



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